Specialty Litigation Services

Complex Tort and Commercial Litigation

The firm has a complex litigation department staffed with attorneys and paralegals experienced in the handling of mass tort and large commercial law cases in both State and Federal Courts. Using our computer capability, we have created a litigation database system that enables us to track cases through all phases of the litigation process. Our paralegals and trial attorneys utilize other state-of-the-art computer programs to efficiently and economically handle the pleadings, discovery, and motion phases of the litigation.

Through its complex litigation department, the firm acts as coordinating counsel for corporations involved in litigation in many states. In this capacity, it helps the client keep costs down by coordinating the sharing of resources among the attorneys working on client matters throughout the country. Particular care is taken to make sure that local counsel in all jurisdictions present a unified and consistent defense.

Toxic Tort, Asbestos, Lead, and Environmental Department

The firm has organized a department of attorneys and paralegals experienced in the management of toxic tort, asbestos and environmental cases in order to handle these cases in the most thorough and efficient fashion possible throughout New York State.

While asbestos cases present the same kinds of issues as other personal injury cases, due to the extended history of the litigation of these cases, procedural and substantive issues unique to these cases have arisen. The attorneys in our asbestos department have, in the past, coordinated and handled the daily management of hundreds of asbestos cases at a time. Our asbestos attorneys have tried a large number of cases all across the country. Cases have been taken to verdict in the following states: New York, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington, D.C.

Our asbestos department maintains a database covering such items as the Case Management Orders that have been issued in these cases in jurisdictions across the country; pleadings, including interrogatories, that can be modified for use in particular cases; motions that have been successful; and lists of experts, with their vitae. We find that we can protect the interests of our clients in a cost efficient manner by using this database to avoid duplication of effort.
We have created databases in the past to cross-reference all information we receive about a particular client’s product, job sites, employers, co-workers, and plaintiffs. This database facilitates the bringing of successful summary judgment motions based upon lack of specific product identification.

Feldman Kieffer, LLP is a member of the Defense Research Institute (DRI). The firm receives monthly notices of events, and members of the asbestos department attend seminars on asbestos issues covering medical matters and general defense strategies being used across the country. The firm has also lectured on asbestos issues.

The asbestos department has developed a good working relationship with the Judges managing the mass litigation in New York in both state and Federal court. Our firm has a positive working relationship with attorneys for plaintiffs as well as defendants, which enables us to accomplish discovery with a minimal amount of motion practice. Our opponents have also learned to respect our abilities as advocates on behalf of our clients, which helps us to achieve our clients’ objectives, whether that be settlement or trial to verdict.

Our attorneys are also experienced in the handling of other toxic tort exposure cases, including those involving so-called “sick buildings” and allegations of multiple chemical sensitivities. We have handled environmental cases involving oil spills, natural gas, urea formaldehyde, pesticides, carbon monoxide poisoning and landfill contamination.

In addition to asbestos litigation, Feldman Kieffer attorneys defend landlords in cases brought by former tenants alleging injury from exposure to lead. We handle these cases for multiple national insurers, and we have have protected our clients’ interests against these lawsuits, which oftentimes involve tenancies that occurred – and were terminated – in the early 1990s. Our team of lawyers and paralegals is adept at piecing together the evidence for each property and each tenancy through requests made to school districts and municipalities, and we can determine whether a landlord had the requisite notice to be held liable for lead exposure, mostly through lead paint.

With lead exposure becoming an ever-broader concern, our knowledge and experience with this sort of exposure will help to serve your insureds’ – and our clients’ – interests.


The firm’s appellate department is composed of attorneys with extensive experience in every aspect of appellate practice in State and Federal Courts. The attorneys in the firm’s appellate department are experienced in appellate research and writing and are well versed in the procedural requirements of all appellate courts in the State. In addition to handling appellate matters that arise in the course of its own clients’ cases, the firm also assists other firms in the handling of appeals for their clients. Our services in this regard can be as limited or extensive as fits the needs of your firm, and, of course, all client confidences and relationships are protected.

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