Litigation Services

In New York, Feldman Kieffer, LLP engages in all phases of trial and appellate practice on the Federal and State court levels.

Additionally, the firm represents corporations, professionals and insurers in significant matters throughout the United States. In such cases, the firm works with regional counsel providing assistance, guidance, and direction as required for successful resolution of the matter.

Through its complex litigation department, the firm acts as coordinating counsel for corporations involved in litigation in many states.

The firm’s litigation experience is extensive, ranging from simple proceedings to complex, intensive, and extended trials.

The firm considers all matters assigned to it to be important, and all cases receive the attention and preparation that are crucial to success.

Call (716) 852-5875 or send us an email to find out more about how Feldman Kieffer can handle your litigation needs in all courts in New York State. We have offices in Buffalo, Syracuse, the Southern Tier, and New York.